Financial Therapy Masterclass

Breakthrough your limiting belief

about Money

Happening LIVE on Zoom Friday October 13th at 8am PST

(8:30pm India Standard Time)

  • Imagine finally feeling confidence about your financial future.

  • Imagine finding a way to doubling your income.

  • Imagine feeling a sense of financial freedom.

  • Imagine quitting a job you don't like and only working on projects that inspire me.

90 Mins Masterclass thought

by Pooja Saran

hosted by Bart Baggett

Happening LIVE on Zoom Friday October 13th at 8am PST

(8:30pm India Standard Time)

Class Limited to the First 100 Registrations

100% Free To Attend

This live class examines all types of false and limiting beliefs about money and wealth. You will explore who and what has deeply influenced your money decisions in the past and what to do about it now to change it.

Most experts agree people have an invisible financial ceiling hidden in their brain.

Exposing and destroying your limiting beliefs around money is the key to success with money.

This class explors both limiting beliefs, money strategies, and ways to motivate yourself make new decisions about money, career, and daily habits.

90 Mins

Masterclass thought

by Poja Saran

Pooja Saran is a Master NLP practitioner, coach, and mental fitness trainer in the PRISM Life Design faculty team, She has written 4 books and is certified in a number of powerful methodologies including NLP, hypnosis, handwriting analysis, and Rapid Transformational Therapy

This class is taught in English.

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