Trigger Yourself Happy Masterclass

Mental Fitness Community Class - Trigger

Yourself Happy. By Steph Stuer

This is an in-depth training on using NLP and PRISM Life Design concepts to intentionally reprogram negative triggers into positive ones for the outcome of more love, peace, joy, happiness, music, and laughter in your daily life. This 90 Minute Masterclass will help you build a more intentional happy morning ritual, handle and conflict better, and set your home up for peace and joy on auto-pilot.

September 26, 2023


Free to Attend

8 am PST (Los Angeles, CA) / 11 am EST (New York).

8:30 pm India Standard Time.

Class Limited to the First 100 Registrations

Unleash your happiness with the power of psychology! Join our exclusive,

one-time-only MASTERCLASS, "Trigger Yourself Happy," led by Steph Stuer,

a Certified Mental Fitness Trainer and Certified NLP Master Practitioner.

Dive deep into Stuer's revolutionary system that blends music, internal dialogue, and unconscious environmental stimulation to activate your joy, mitigate stress, and foster a harmonious existence. This masterclass offers a unique opportunity to not just learn but to experience first-hand how to stimulate happiness, boost your life satisfaction, and live more fulfilled every day. Don't miss this unprecedented chance to shape your emotional well-being. Pre register today, and be a part of this transformational journey - at absolutely no cost! Be quick, because happiness waits for no one... don't let the world around you derail your peace of mind.

1 hour 30 minutes

This is a free zoom class as part of the Bart Baggett Masterclass Series. This is a live class. No replays. Real Education. Attend Live and Engage.

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